Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love Potion #7

These guys have been hanging around in my sketchbook for a while and I always kinda liked them. I'm not sure exactly what I liked, maybe it was the doctors crazy hair or the fat guy looming in the background. Whatever it was I decided to throw the sketch into a scanner and color them up. When you do illustration and design work for a living sometimes it just feels good to do something random for no particular reason.
What does Love Potion #7 do you might ask? I'm thinking that it doesn't do anything great, otherwise they would not have had to make Love potion numbers 8 and 9. It probably just makes you bald and turns you yellow which is only mildly useful in very rare situations. But when you are an aspiring Mad Doctor there are no failures. Every mistake is a learning opportunity and think about it if every potion was a success you wouldn't have as much to be mad about.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My First Post

I had an art teacher who said that the toughest page to fill in a new sketchbook is always the first one. For my first post I decided to to go with this illustration of a Chameleon that I did recently for Patch games. Why a Chameleon? because I figured that it would be good to start with something versatile and a chameleon is like the most versatile thing ever. Plus I really dig the way that their eyes can look in two different directions at once.