Friday, November 28, 2008

J.Higgs packaging concepts

Up until last week I haven't posted a lot of Graphic design stuff although probably 50% of the work I have been doing lately has been Graphic Design. Here are a few concepts that I did for Save-A-Lot food stores. I'm still working on other concepts so maybe I'll post more as I get them done.
Get it! everybody likes Save-A-Lot Beef Jerky hence it is "Wanted" I'm so clever sometimes.
If they decide to go with this concept I am going to see if I can't get someone to make me a matching J.Higgs belt buckle.
This flavor is so intense that the package has to be wrapped in chains, but you know what even the strongest chains can't hold in this explosion of Nacho goodness.

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Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

Happy Happy Early Birthday! Your the greatest Brother ever:) Love you Timmy!