Friday, October 17, 2008


It's hard for me to remember a Halloween where I didn't dress up as a pirate. Okay maybe there was this one time when I was four and I was Superman, and I think there was a year when I went through an Indiana Jones stage, but I always turned back to piracy.
I had fun with this sketch and tried adding a few textures and effects in photoshop. A lot of the cartoon work that I have been doing lately has had to be really clean with a lot of the work done in adobe illustrator. This sketch was refreshing because I just used the rough sketch and kinda let myself be a little sloppy.
Yarr! Be ye warned! Thar be shaols ahead, Them what die 'll be the lucky ones!


carrie said...

Now you just try to make Lydia be a pirate for Halloween every year.
Great Job!

Sakievich said...

You know, technically speaking, Indiana Jones could be considered a pirate.

Brazier art said...

Indiana Jones is definitely a pirate. I couldn't agree more.