Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bye, Bye Monster

I really want to get some Halloween stuff up on this blog for October. This post has monsters but they are probably a little too to cute.

Here are some drawings from a children's book I just finished. It's called "Bye, Bye Monster" and I think it should be available soon ( http://www.byebyemonstershop.com ). The brown monster character wasn't mine but I got to come up with a lot of his monster friends which was lots of fun. The style was simple and it had to be done very quickly but I really enjoy doing kids books. This is just a small sampling I'll have to try and post some other stuff later on.

I love October so stay tuned for some spooky stuff coming soon!

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Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

Wow Tim! This is soo cool. I can't wait to order the book!