Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hanging around

I have been all over the place last week so I haven't had a ton of time to do anything for the blog, so I just grabbed something a little older from one of my cereal boxes. I had a lot of fun with this character on Save-A-Lots Fruit Berry Crunch (similar to crunch berries only better). Since leopards like climbing trees I always have him hanging upside down from somewhere and you never see his feet, so that was pretty fun. This picture is from the side panel so it had to be a little longer. Cereal Box characters are probably one of my favorite things to do, they are cute happy characters bent on eating breakfast cereal. We often don't take cereal box art seriously but when I was a three year old the cereal isle in grocery store was like a fine art gallery.


Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

Hi Tim, I love your blog. Your artwork ceases to amaze me!

Brazier art said...

Wow I'm really glad that my artwork has finally ceased amazing you. That's really why I started the blog, I was getting sick and tired of all those amazed people. So now I just say "go look at my blog"and their amazement disappears.

carrie said...

Man I'm glad I married you. Not only are you talented your funny too.