Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good Times Deep in the Jungle

We just had a baby boy and while I think that I should be able to do a pretty fair job as his Father I sometimes wonder if he wouldn't be better off if I just dumped him off in a jungle somewhere to be raised by the animals. Seriously how cool would it be to be raised by wolves, gorillas, elephants or lions! Not only would you be able to learn to talk with all the animals but you would also learn all sorts of skills that you would never learn in any human school. Swinging through trees, wrestling with tigers, and riding ostriches the list goes on and on. A man can be free in the jungle you can yell goofy sounds at the top of your lungs and all you have to wear is a loin cloth (unless you are riding an ostrich, you should probably wear pants if you are going to do that.)

This is an illustration for a game that I did for Patch. Good times.

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Josh and Christina Tidwell said...

Tim Your animals are awesome! Hows baby Abram?