Monday, September 8, 2008

Moses is pretty cool

Old time prophets can be really fun to draw, I think this is mostly due to the beard. Some people will tell you that you can have just as much fun drawing a wizard or Rip-Van Winkle but it's just not true. Bearded wizards are fun up until the point where you have to add the goofy hat and wand, then they just seem silly. Moses is probably the most fun he's well over 100 years old and he's been wandering around in the wilderness for forty years.
Like my last post his came from something in my sketchbook (probably something I did during church). In the original sketch Moses was just looking up at a blank space so I added the staff and the snake to give him something to look at.


Kiersten White said...

And people probably think you're being all righteous and taking notes during church.

That being said, the snake is definitely my favorite part of this picture. Very well laid-out.

Wendy said...

I love the bright colors and sharp contrasts you use. My favorite is Love Potion #7- there is definitely a story there!! You are brilliant, Tim, there is not much more to say!

T-Bone said...


How did you render that drawing drawing?

I've been looking into some different tools to use, did you sketch this out first and then render it, or did you just go straight to the rendering part?

Brazier art said...

Rendering can be pretty tricky, when I render I like to render with a tool with optimum rendering capabilities. I started in my render rec-room, my sketchbook, with a red sharpie marker, aka the render3000. I took that rendering and then rendered a larger rendering with my brush and some ink. I scanned the rendering in and then rendered the colors in Photoshop which gave me ending rendering options. All in all a pretty rapid render.