Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forget to Cash a Check!

This illustration is a departure from my usual style which was fun. I was going for a look that looked my Graphic Designy, more shapes and no outlines. My inspiration came from all those great Esurance commercials, I love how a pink haired super spy is able to somehow tie into selling insurance. I would have loved to see how the creative team pitched that one.
Here we have Maria she and her adorable son Ramon are waiting in line ready to check out at the grocery store when >gasp< Maria realizes she forgot to cash her paycheck! Ramon is starting to cry and Maria needs to think fast, she locates her check, somersaults past stupefied onlookers and punches the cashier in the face making a b-line for the Money Center. Check cashed, cotashrropie avoided.


Sakievich said...

Dude, you has internet.

carrie said...

I love it when you try new stuff, and I think this is great! Was Rachel your inspiration here?

Kiersten White said...

Poor Ramon!

And this is great, Tim. It's fun to see you depart from your usual style--and it's really good, too!